Mission control for product-led companies

Connect customer, product and business insights for incredible decision making

Last month your Product Managers lost 30% of their time context switching to find information.
That's 1 week every month.

Put another way, in a 10 person product team you’ve got 3 sitting on the sidelines.

Imagine a world where PM’s have access to the context they need without hopping across tools.

A world without 200 slack channels,  where PM’s quickly and confidently align around insights with stakeholders.

The tools, processes and spreadsheets your teams currently use create increasingly more work.

We call this ‘Product Manager Toil’.

Dimensions eliminates toil and busy work.

We  connect the right context at the right time with the right teams, to help you push your business forward.


Give your teams

Filter signal from the noise and help your teams be more aligned, productive and effective. Become truly customer centric. When your customers win you win.


More intelligent insights

Dimensions empowers your teams with signals from across your tools, helping them discover and focus on the most important things.


Faster, more effective decisions

Empower your teams to make effective decisions in minutes not days, increasing customer happiness and maximizing business value.


Get everyone on the same page.

By unifying data across tools we help your team build alignment around critical customer and business insights. This is the big picture you’ve been looking for.


Find everything in its right place.

No more tool hopping or trawling slack channels - teams have one place to look, boosting productivity and effectiveness.

Unlock every

Dimensions connects and supercharges your toolstack for more aligned teams and impactful product strategy.